Saturday, July 21, 2007

I Am Going to Win!

That was the decree that Jacob Hash announced last night as Dan, Laura, Krista, and I last night as we had dinner together and played Seafarers of Catan. If you have not played any of the Catan games, I HIGHLY recommend any of them! They are great to play and you can tell who is truly competitive and who is not. Strategy and "charm" is used in this game as well as wit.

Last night was a great time of playing Seafarers with great friends twice and drinking great coffee. I did not think I wanted to warm myself up even more with the wonderful liquid, but I can not pass up Starbucks.

I love relaxing, summer nights like this. It is a wonderful oasis in the middle of a very busy summer!

PS Krista won both games! Sorry Jake! :)

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Kreska said...

I played that with the Terefenkos last weekend! That's a BLAST!!