Saturday, July 21, 2007

Transform and Roll Out!

Okay, so I agreed to do a review of Transformers. Jacob wanted me to and I love the kid! So here you go Jacob.


If you don't know anything about the Transformers you are either over 41 or under 6 years old. It is the epic battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons and Earth is both the battlefield and the "prize".

I won't tell you the storyline, except that it is a great classic good vs. evil plot and humans are both victims and warriors.

The special effects are AMAZING! My mom went to see it and she wondered how they did all of the battle scenes without people getting killed. She then smiled and said, "Yeah, I know special effects!" That is how real the movie seemed though.

There have been very few movies where I have not been able to pick out at least one part of a scene that is CGed. THIS movie was one that I could not tell what was CG and what was real. Amazing visually. Bumble Bee was fantastic! The personality that they were able to bring out of a car was GREAT! :) I did HATE the product placement though. What car manufacturer do you think will be the good guys and who will be the bad guys . . . I will let you figure that one out. (The bad guys do NOT have logos on their cars, but you can tell by the look of the car model.)

The story: I liked it. I was a teenager when Transformers came out as a cartoon. I spent my Saturdays watching them! Loved them! The movie held close to the original story that I remembered. I loved the fact that freedom, loyalty and friendship was once again promoted in this movie. I did not think it was quite up to the Spiderman caliber but CLOSE. It was better than Fantastic Four.

When I was back in America, I went and saw only ONE movie with my bros. It was one that I was hoping to see with them. It is a great tradition for us and one thing that I have had to grieve about not being able to do.

Wow! Now that I am talking about it, I think I want to go see it again! :)

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Jon the Canadian said...

Ok, the good robots all take the form of GM vehicles.. but the bad robots are all utility/military, aren't they?

I loved about the movie:
1. No typical teenagers-who-just-met, now in a crisis moment kiss or "I love you" - I was prepared to gag out loud in the theater, and didn't have to.

2. People were good or bad, but the government and the military were not the bad guys. I feel like it's been a while since I've seen entertainment that wasn't anti-government or anti-America.