Sunday, July 22, 2007

Tragedy for Poland

A bus filled with Polish pilgrims lost control in France and burst into flames. It is reported that 26 lost their lives. Click here for the story. The Polish President is considering a national day of mourning.

My heart sank when I saw this report on CNN international. All I could think about was the families who's lives are now changed and how they will react in the deaths of their loved one.

How do you mourn the death of those who do not believe and who are forever lost? I thought of this too. There are 40 million Poles in this country and under 5% are believers even though the rest call themselves Christian. This country knows religion better than most, but they do not know about a relationship with Christ. When stories like this hit, I am overwhelmed by the need and the lack of resources here in this country. There seems to be a church at every corner, but they are mostly spiritually empty. Even though the name of Jesus is known in this country, WHO he is, is basically unknown. There are two generations who are now growing up as "agnostic Catholics." How will they hear who Jesus is, if no one will tell them. . . please pray that more will come to Christ and that we will get more workers to share Jesus' love.

So I have wondered babbled long enough. Just wanted to share my thoughts with you.

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Hodges said...

You know this is one issue I have been wrestling with of late, While reading Velvet Elvis i have been cautious for the signs of someone going over the edge, but I have also read with a desire to understand and what I have read does not contradict what scripture says, rather I have found it opening much of scripture up to me as I have struggled to understand my place in this world and my role in the church. A guy in our small group the other day made that comment that we are the only bible people may read. This struck me because so much of my schooling was the traditional 10 steps, fire and brimstone, lead someone to Christ with a pamphlet. What I have been seeing from much of the so called emerging church has not been what so many Christians are wringing their hands over. No one has been creating a new Christ, their ideas are not really even new . . . some of them anyway, i would still obviously caution anyone to keep one eye on the preacher and another on the Word to make sure that what you are being fed fits. have you seen any of the Nooma videos? You chould check them out, very thought provocing. Anyway, I started with your posting and ending with a response to you from your comment on my posting. Hope all is well, Stacy says hi.