Monday, June 18, 2007

It's Official: I Am A REAL Adult Now!

Yesterday, at the prompting of my friends, I purchased my first grill. We had a wonderful grill and i even understood much of what was being said! (Most of the conversation was in Polish.) This will be great for when young people come over. We will be able to eat and have a good time in my little back yard.

I am now an official adult. :) Now you have even MORE of a reason to jump over the pond and visit me!


Jen said...


I thought we agreed to avoid being an official adult. And now here you are with a backyard and a grill. If you get a pet, I may have to disown you as a friend.

Valentyna Stohova said...

I like your blog, it's a lot of fun. you inspire me, i need to devote more time to mine.
so, you an official adult, ha? scary...i will know now: avoid buying a grill! I'll stick to it. :)

Maybe in the end of August or in September. Are you going to the fall conference?