Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Even a Silly TV Talent Show Reveal God's Beautiful Creation!

I was told about this very shy telephone salesman who was on Britain's "Britain's Got Talent" show to do what he thought he was created for: singing. (Yeah, yeah, we've seen this before. EVERYONE on American Idol thinks that!) Simon, of course rolled his eyes and assumed that it would be a complete waste of time. So over the next few moments this pudgy guy in a bad suit, sang with everything he had, one of the most difficult tenor arias ever, (and my favorite!), Nessun Dorma.

God's beauty "sang" from this man's voice. Paul Potts made beautiful sounds because of his CREATOR! (Even if you don' t like Opera, you will like this guy!) FYI - He just won the "Britain's Got Talent" contest and will be singing for the Queen.

As I listened to this over and over my soul thanked God for how He has made me and how much He wants me to worship Him with everything I have. Where in my life do I need to "SING" my worship to my CREATOR? What a bout you?

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