Saturday, May 19, 2007

What A Weekend!!!

This weekend I got to participate in one of the most exciting weekends of the year. It is the weekend where all of the Polish churches who are hosting English camps get together and learn how to reach their peers for Christ! Dan and Laura Hash hosted this weekend. There were 73 people here. YES, 72! Most slept either in the Hash's house or the garage apartment. I got to host two girls and we had a great time drinking tea and laughing about my Polish!

Dan brought back memories of Fritz Dale's attempt at cooking chicken for the youth group during rafting trips! Thanks for the great memories Fritz! :) I must say though that Dan is a GREAT griller! One of the best! I love it when I get to go to their home for a grill! :)

It has been inpiring to realize how much Polish I have learned! I am corrected all the time, but I am speaking and my teacher even told me that she has seen progress in me. I have been encouraged and see how God is answering prayers! Keep praying!!

I am sad at the fact that I will not be able to go the camps this summer. The first group of camps is at the same time as my brother's wedding, so I am going to be returning to Denver for a week. Then for the second group of camps, I have an intensive month of Polish "camp" for myself! Ahhh!! I am going to get this language! I just know it! :)

God is good!

These are some of the students from Katowice who will be leading our camp this summer!