Monday, May 14, 2007

A Day for Mom and Rebirth!

Yesterday was mother's day in America. I called my mom and we had a great talk.

Yesterday was baptism day at our church, Opoka (The Rock). It was a beautiful, warm day. It has been raining here, so I was afraid that the day would be cold and that the day would not be as great. You see, our baptisms happen in Dan and Laura Hash's swimming pool.

It was inspiring to hear journey stories and to see everyone rejoice. Adult baptism in the Protestant church is something very special here. It is your public declaration of following Christ, and for many rejecting Catholic tradition. Many have been ostracized from their families because of this act of obedience. We even had a young man from Nigeria who is here in Poland studying to be a doctor. (We have a medical school here in Katowice that is taught in English, go figure!)

Somethings else that is unique about the way baptism is done is that it is the person whom the baptizee sees as their spiritual mentor gets to baptize! It was great to see my two friends baptize two young women.

I was a great day! Here are some pictures.


BritBoat said...


Will you be at Intern Training in CZ? You should!

BritBoat said...

I will be there this summer! I'm coming May 28, staying in Prague one night, then start the Amazing Race portion of training the next day. Goodtimes. I think June 7 or 8 is when we leave from Malenovice for Ukraine.