Monday, May 21, 2007

Do-ba-do-be, dwing-da-da-whaw-whaw!

When you think of Poland, you tend to think of Chopin and sausage, not jazz. Well, let me tell you, after tonight, I will think of JAZZ and Poland and Poland and JAZZ!

One of our worship leaders is a student at the Music Academy. He is majoring in piano jazz. He is very good. His friend had his senior concert and Adam (our worship leader) was the piano player for the concert. I did not understand a single song and in fact at times I thought I heard Polish when the guy was just skating, but I knew that they were all about the celebration of this wonderful genre of music. I love jazz and as I sad there, I could not help but think of the man who helped me in my love for jazz, Fritz Dale. Wow! Raw chicken and now Jazz. Fritz, I think I need to write you an email.

Anyway, I get together with two really "wypas" (cool) single women and we went to a jazz club for dinner and then walked to the concert. What a great night. Just when I needed to relax and yet engage with the culture. God gives me so many opportunities to do this! I spoke more Polish tonight with them as I have ever done. Their English is WONDERFUL and my Polish is "masakra!" (disastrous). I hope to start mixing our languages and then speak more and more Polish as I understand more and more! It is exciting to see progress!

Jazz! I love the stuff and tonight it was proven that it is no longer just an "American" form of expression!

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