Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Life Transformation!

Our spring conference is one that I always look forward to. It is a time where I can reunite with JV friends from other countries and to get to know new missionaries. It is a time where I can rest and rejuvenate my spirit. It is also a time where I get to worship, really worship in English! I love to worship with these people! We are all thirsty to worship in our heart language!

The teaching time was exhausting! How do you allow God to transform your life? We looked at the difference between the repentance of King Saul and King David and why one was rejected by God and one was called to be a man after God’s own heart. We were then lead into our own repentance time. Wow! The Holy Spirit really worked on my heart. What was a time that I looked forward to being restful was filled with dealing with my heart. God is good though, and even though we all left tired and pondering our relationships with God, we left better people and closer to God! This definitely was not a vacation time!

Please keep praying for my transformation process. Pray that I will continue the work that God began.

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