Saturday, May 12, 2007

Just when I thought it was over!

my birthday on May 3rd, but it started on April 20th! You see, someone got a over 20 people to send me cards! I have had at least on card almost everyday since then! It has been wonderful! This morning I thought. What a great birthday! I got all of these cards, my folks gave the ladies on my team to take us all out for a birthday lunch, I got to spend my birthday with my other family, Josiah Venture and not alone. . . what a great birthday. Can it get any better? WELL it just did!

Today May 12th, my door whistle rang, yet, it sounds like a bird chirping. . . don't ask why, my Polish neighbors even think it strange :), so I opened the door and a big, burly Polish man said, "Aleeese Robbeeenss?" No smile. I, of course smiled, and I said, "Tak" ("yes" in Polish). Much to my surprise, a big box filled with fun stuff laced with graduation confetti! What fun! My dear friends sent me my first care package! Now I get to fell like I am at the Stanley Cup with my "Slap shot" game that was included!! Too bad the Red Wings are doing well! I hope they lose! :)

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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Kristen said...

Happy (late) birthday Alice!!! So sorry I missed it! I should have sent you a card too... :-( I did think about you - I remembered your birthday was that first week of May! Glad you had friends to celebrate with! Hope you're doing well! I miss talking to you!
Love you!