Monday, May 28, 2007

Blockbuster in Poland and My Opnion

Okay, so I did it! I went to Pirates within the first 24 hours of opening world wide! It was fun since I got to go with some of our youth and my good friend and teammate, Krista!

Going to a blockbuster is a bit different in Poland than in America. First of all, your seat is assigned to you. There is no mad dash for the middle of the theater! Second, the BACK of the theater is packed! The first 20 rows or so are empty.

The theater was not as full as I thought it would be, but when I looked at my ticket and saw how expensive the ticket was, I understood why. Tickets have gone from 15zl ($5.25) to 19zl ($6.75). That may not seem too bad in America, but here, that is a HUGE jump!

Okay, enough of the culture stuff. What did I think about the movie?

Visually, it was stunning! Pirates was one of the rare movies in which it was almost impossible to see the difference between real and computer generation. The acting was great, dialog funny and the action left me exhausted as I walked out of the theater! It was a fun movie visually.

Warning: SPOILERS coming next. DO NOT READ if you don't want to know about the movie!

Before I start, may I say that I look for deeper messages in movies than most. Some of my opinions may be taken as reading too much into the movie. That is fair, but think about what the movie is saying, not just "showing".

I was hoping that the third movie would have some redemption with the whole pirate history of Will's family, but there was not. It only dove in deeper to the worldview that no one can be trusted and everyone lives by his/her own agenda. Even the goddess was filled with her own agenda and tossed away someone who truly loved her. It is filled with selfishness, deceit, lying and justification for it all. Even though they try to make Will and Elizabeth's love out as selfless . . . I just did not see it. I was thinking, did they "give up" their love, it just did not seem like it was sacrificial? The journey that they went to get to their love was filled with deceit and lies. There was no hero in this movie just different shades of "villain". The produces wanted us the audience to cheer for people who we would put in jail if it was in the real world. Will could have been the true definition of a hero, but in the end, his "heroic" action was to save himself, and his father benefited from the act. . .

All the other characters were their typical selfish, lying, cruel selves. The way the producers makes this lifestyle funny and appealing, was troubling to me.

Johnny was brilliant, but by the end of the movie, I was fatigued by is character. In three movies, he never really grew as a character.

The only redemption in the who movie was when Elizabeth's ex-betrothed, Norrington, gave his life to save Elizabeth. It was truly the only selfless act in the whole movie. I guess Will giving up his freedom to be with Elizabeth for his father. . . but Will was also dying and it he would have lost her anyway. . .

As I walked out of the movie, I though of how this movie would impact people . . . maybe I am thinking too much, but I have seen how the world's view of redemption has been skewed in the past several years in cinema. Not all movies . . . but enough to make you wonder why there is double standard. Movies can be as violent and deceitful as we want to make them, but when it comes to real life. . . we wonder why and how people can be that way. . . hmmmmm

I know I just started getting political so I will stopped.

Bottom line. . . LOVED the look of the movie, HATED the message.

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Hodges said...

Alice-You are right on, though you did miss the part where Jack sacraficed imortality so that Will would live. I thought that whatever chemistry there was between will and elisabeth in the first film was thrown out in the second 2, very dissaponted, I found myself hoping she would end up with Jack. Oh, and there is something about the feminization of men that someone was mentioning to me, not wanting to get too cruel, but there was a significant difference between Norrington and Will, not only physically, but also morrally, while Will was dashing and brave, Norrimgton was loyal and Honorable. Just a thought . . . . Great to see that so much is going well and give my congrats to your bro! our moms keep in good touch, kinda cool that they are such good friends. love ya sis!