Thursday, May 31, 2007

It is all part of learning Polish, REALLY!

Before you think that all I am doing here in Poland is watching movies . . . this is all part of my homework. All of our movies here are subtitled in Polish and my going to movies allows me to see Polish words as I hear English. It has been a great way of comparing the languages and to see how Poles use everyday phrases.

Example: I love you. Kocham! (KOH -HAWM)
Hey, there! Ćześć! (CHE-SH-CH)

It has been 3 months and I have gone to 3 movies and can see improvement in my Polish! But as I see these movies, the film critic in me comes out and I MUST give my opinion about them.

So today's movie was Spider-man 3. Unlike many who I have read and talked to, I really liked this one. Even more than number two. One of my friends said that Peter Parker really has not grown much since the first one. I agree with that to a point. I found it interesting that when he was once again confronted with the death of his uncle and the loss of his best friend, he allowed anger and guilt guide him. It has only been 2 years since Peter lost the most significant man in his life. Two years is not all that much to have to deal with that. Then when told that the real killer was out there free . . . if it was me, I am not sure if I would not have wanted revenge too! I think the journey of having to go back to the pain brought on the growth that was wanted in the first film. :)

Unlike Pirates, there were great themes: friendship, sacrifice, loyalty, betrayal, trust, love gained and lost and gained again, redemption and the BIG theme I loved was FORGIVENESS. What a great scene when Peter Parker forgives with tears in his eyes even when it was not asked for. You could see the genuineness of that forgiveness. When I walked out of Pirates, I was not sure what I thought of the story, but when I walked out of Spidy . . . I felt uplifted and wondering if there was anyone I needed to forgive in my life.

It was not quite a spiritual experience, but it was refreshing to see these themes displayed on the big screen. Thank you Stan Lee! His cameo was GREAT! I forget the exact words, but it about the reason why Spider-man was so well liked: he made the right choices. At the end of the movie, that sentiment was again stated by Peter Parker. We are all molded by our past and our pain. How we deal with them and others, is our choice!

Thumbs up for this sequel . . . LOVED the CG! Loved Sandman! Loved Venom! Loved the Harry's story and the words of wisdom by his butler! My only problem with Spider-man is that I wish Toby was taller . . . I still can not get over a short Spider-man! :)

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