Friday, February 23, 2007

Investment . . .

What can I say beyond, "Thank you Lord for your goodness and mercy!"? Four years ago, these two young men were not thinking about anything at our English camps but girls and English. There were many investment hours and prayers made in these two young men's lives. I consider them friends!

Now, at this Snow Camp I have been privileged to see God at work in the their lives and call both of them "brother"!

Alex, (to the left) was in my English class several years ago and was a huge challenge to me personally. He was interested in God and yet had to be cool and not look interested. We battled in conversation but always laughed together. He has the American sense of sarcasm and that is what helped us become friends. Each year though I left camp with a heavy heart knowing that Alex had not chosen to follow Jesus. Two years ago, he was baptized and his life has not looked the same! Today, he is planning on possibly returning to his home town of Zielona Gora and starting up a youth ministry.

Boris, (to my right) is a young man who was in my English class 3 years ago. He was an atheist and philosopher and did not want ANYTHING to do with God or even Christ followers. He came to camp just because Alex talked him into it and to learn more English. I found out on Tuesday that he now believes! I asked him about his philosophy and he said that none of it helped him through his crisis's like God did, so he dropped them. God walked him through some pretty hard circumstances, but Boris knew that God was beside him the whole way! Boris is thinking about now being baptized! Praise God for this wonderful new brother!

Please pray for these young men as they seek God for guidance and wisdom in their futures! They are both living in Ireland right now trying to earn money so they can come back to Poland. I can see them become great leaders and investors in the younger generation of Poland!


BritBoat said...

I'm waiting to see my special link on your page! My heart breaks every time I come, and it is not there. *sniffle sniffle*

Hanka said...

:) Alex and Boris are very special to me. I'll be praying for them. I miss you, Alice.