Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Beautiful Slovakia!

When I took a solo train trip to Kosisa, Slovakia 15 years ago, on the way I was awed by the view of the Tatra mountains. This week I returned and I get to be awed everyday! These mountains are even more beautiful than I remembered!

I am here with 100+ Polish students at our annual SNOW CAMP! It is wonderful and God is moving! There have been many opportunities for the evil one to poison this camp and yet, God's protection has been so strong! He is in this camp and it is great to see it.

The other day I had a very interesting conversation with a camper. I complemented him and he asked me not to do it anymore because it confused him. After a very long discussion I found out that he prefers to live life with a negative view of life. This struck me deeply since I try to have a more positive outlook to life. I have known that this view is very Polish, but I have never really heard it from someone in the way I heard from this person. It made me sad and my heart cried out to God to show me how to share His joy with this person. The question I am thinking about this week is: Can you have a negative outlook of life and yet follow Christ closely? I am not sure. I have never been faced with this as a world view perspective.

This camp has been difficult on me since it is not an English speaking camp. The language barrier is not as bad as last year, but I long to be able to share in Polish the reason why I live my life!

Kasia! I have been able to use the Polish you taught me! You were right! I do know more than I thought! Thank you!

PS For some strange resaon, the picture of the Tatras is now showing up. I will try to work on this!

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