Wednesday, February 28, 2007

And God Created Man . . .

Today I went to the Vatican. I want to understand more of the Polish culture and thought this may help. I was so wrong! We got into the Vatican after walking around the wall and waiting in line forever and I was getting a really bad attitude, I admit. We got in and I was excited to be able to go from place to place and pray and think. That did not happen though. There were so many people there and the place closed at 1:30pm so we were ushered through like cattle! There were thousands of people and we just went from room to room. No thinking, no praying. My attitude got really bad, so put on my iPod and listened to Passion Worship. As I walked into the Sisten Chapel, their version of the Doxology came on. I looked up and there it was, one of my favorite pictures by Mike Angelo! The Creation of Man. Tears filled my eyes as I heard the voice of God whisper to me, "Alice I created you for My pleasure! You are special!" Psalm 139 kept on going through my mind. It was a holy moment for me. I snuck my camera out and took a few pictures (without flash) to remember this occation in my life.

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