Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I watched the new reality show, "One Punk Under God". It is about the ministry and life of Jay Bakker, son on fallen ministers, Jimmy and Tammy Bakker. It is a fascinating look at the disillusioned GenXer believer.

Jay has not talked to his father for 2 years and it showed him calling his dad several times, leaving messages and even watching his father's new TV show. Jay longs to have a relationship with his father! His father has yet to call back.

Jay said that because of his experience, he thought that God hated him. How is it that the kid of one of the most influential pastors of the 80's can think this? Answer: BAD THEOLOGY! As I watched Jay's struggle between the reality of Christ following and religious "ministry", it stuck me how similar his story of religious disillusionment is with so many others I have heard over the years. Is this the legacy of the American Church? It motivates me to continue to invest in the younger generations!

Jay is the pastor of the "Revaluation" church in Atlanta and has a conservative Baptist mentor who is helping Jay deal with running a church and healing from the wounds that his family inflicted on him. The disappointment of religious "image" verses the reality of man's sin is screaming in this "documentary".

Next week is the struggle between democratic leaning, Jay and conservative leaning, Jay's mentor as they deal with homosexuality and the role of the church.

I don't know where this show is going, but it is something that stirs my thoughts about how GenX truly is the "forgotten generation" and yet the Church needs it to be a part of the Family. How do we as the the Family of God embrace ALL generations? How do we as GenXer get over the sin and love the generations who have forgotten us? Only through the love of Christ!

So if you have a little time to think about culture, tune into "One Punk Under God". It may not be all correct, but it does make you think. . .

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