Sunday, October 29, 2006

God's Soothing Love

I have a confession to make. Each year our church puts on a "Halloween Alternative" carnival called Family Fun Night and each year I have dreaded it. I know, I have covered it fairly well (for those of you who know me well).

I have hated this time of year, due to some weird and frightening stuff that happened to me at college. My experiences made me fearful of this time of year and even a bit of a "anti-Halloween" zealot.

It has been a progression of years of healing and God's soothing love that has changed this dreaded time of year to a time of fun and joy for me. Here I am with my friends doing a David and Goliath coin toss booth at our family fun night. I think that this activity is another non-fund raising reason why God had me come back to Denver at this time of year.

During the past few weeks, our Sunday school class has been asking for helpers for the booth we were going to run. I did not want to participate for whatever selfish, lazy reason. I honestly don't think I really had one. The week of our Family Fun Night, one of our member's grandmother passed away and it got me to thinking how my life can not be my own selfishness, but God's instrument to put joy on the face of others. Don't ask me how the two are connected, its a God thing. I had so much fun! It is the first one that I truly had fun just playing with the kids! I am not fearing Halloween this year. God's love is soothing and constant. I just don't allow Him to be felt sometimes. Lord, thank you for your soothing love!

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Jason K Powers said...

We're famous now! :) hehe.
Glad I finally get to see your pages! See ya Thursday. :)