Thursday, October 26, 2006

The past few weeks have been filled with meeting with friends and family. It has been a great time of encouragment and blessings for me. Why is it that the things that we may think is not what we think is best, turns out to be the best thing for us? In my earlier posts, I wrote about the fact that I struggled with the thought of being in America for such a long time. I long to get back to Poland! God has shown me though that I needed to come here not only to raise more support, but to also hear His voice in my life.

For eight months, I have seen how God has used my time in Poland to show me the areas where I really don't trust Him. When it was comfortable, I trusted him with everything (or I thought I did). I even moved to another country, in trust. As I look back, I see how He tested my trust and it was found lacking. Wow! To see that and to grieve over that fact. . .

His GRACE is sufficient to cover the sin of my lack of trust! He is faithful even when I am faithless! He is strong when I am weak. He wants me to do one things and only one thing, to trust Him fully. Why is that so hard sometimes? I know that it is because I like being in control. Even when I mess things up, I like the fact that I am in control.

Over the past few months though He has shown me that my control is chaos! My life is chaos when I don't allow Him to be in control. So here I am in Denver and now Katowice learing about what I should have known and practiced. I did in some ways, but not in all.

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