Monday, October 02, 2006

Being Back in Denver

It has been a good time being here. I can honestly say that it is good being back in my Denver home! It is weird though because I don't really feel like I am back. It feels like a dream and that I will wake up any moment in my bed in Katowice, Poland.

Yesterday was my first Sunday back at church. What a great time of reconnecting with people. I was pleasantly surprised to see all of the new people in my Sunday school class! Wow! I am going go to the bible study and reconnect some more. I feel the need to recharge my batteries as much as do fund raising.

God is good. He has given me a peace amongst the yearning to be back home in Poland. I am going to enjoy this time and take it all in. I had a 5 hour coffee "break" with my friend Jen and realized how much I have missed all of my Colorado friends!

Thank you God for these blessing that you give me!


Krista Davis said...

hey, greetings from poland! good news, the printer is working! so that makes it almost everything but the wireless! i'm feeling good :) marta's in krakow - going to look at apts today :)

Mo said...

That's a coffee marathon!