Thursday, September 28, 2006

It Happened Again

It was a moment that I never wanted to relive, but I did. While my mom and I were at Wal-Mart, we heard whispers that something horrific was happening in Denver. We finished shopping and went to the car to turn on the radio. Floods of memories and emotions of 7 years ago came to my mind as I listened to the newscaster announce that there was a group of students in a Colorado high school being held hostage and possibly killed by an gunman.

We went home and I turned on the TV to get more information. The helicopter camera shots, newscaster's reports and speculations were an eerie replay of what I witnessed years before. I had to shut the TV off for a time.

What can you say? The past 24 hours has been filled with flashbacks of what our church's youth group went through 7 years ago.

I have, and still do cling to the knowledge and truth that God is in control now just as He was 7 years ago and will be in the future. He is the only HOPE that man can rest in. I don't understand what prompted a 54-year-old man to randomly pick out 6 girls in a school that it appears to also be chosen at random, except that this is the continuation of man's sinful nature.

What these families and friends will go through in the days, weeks and years to come will be very difficult. I only hope that they will seek the One who can offer hope and peace in a time of tragedy and loss.

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Wolfsong said...

I really don't understand how such things can happen. It's quite sad when you think about it..Amercia with it's "In God we trust" slogan on coins and "No praying" rules in school. It's as if they like being messed up! I live in India and everyday I pray that the kids here who ape the west so much don't end up shooting kids in school.
The further the go away from God, the worse they get but they don't know it. Nice blog. Very inspiring. I saw Ravi Zacharias' name somewhere...I heard him speak here in India a few months ago. He's amazing.