Wednesday, September 27, 2006

God's Little Gift

God is just amazing! As I was landing in Denver, I looked out the window and the most beautiful Rocky Mountain sunset was my welcome home gift. Words can not fully express the emotions that stirred in my heart as I looked outside the airplane window. It was worth all of the security checks, custom woes and lack of airline direction signs.

I have enjoyed resting and being with my family for the past few days. Jet lag has not been that bad this time.

As I in Denver to raise more support for my ministry in Poland, I am reminded of the fact that God walks before me no matter where I am in the world. He knows no country boarders.

This fact keeps me hopeful and grateful for this trip. As much as I would want to be in Poland right now, I am resting in the fact that God does not want me there right now and my time here in Denver is just as important as my time in Poland. He is in control and He is worthy of my trust.

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Mo said...

My favorite part about customs (when flying back into the States) is when they say, "welcome home" as they hand you back your passport.