Friday, September 22, 2006

Christ in Me, Christ in You!

Imagine, 140 youth workers from 11 former USSR countries and 2 North American countries coming together to learn, grow and encourage each other as they seek God in sharing His Word with the youth of east and central Europe. I am humbled that God has allowed me to be a part of this incredible family.

This week has been a great place where God has caused me to think, pray and wonder about my personal life in Christ. It always seems to be the fact that at conferences which are built to equip youth leaders to lead the younger generation often speak and convict you, the youth worker.

I came into this conference with mixed emotions. I am leaving Poland and just over 48 hours for what could be a long time. I hate the fact that I am leaving at a time when things are just starting to take off at our church and yet I trust in God timing. I leave this week excited to come home to Denver to share what He is doing in Poland as well as finding more team members to join the quest for young Poles hearts.

Dave Patty, JV's president shared some things that are at the core of discipleship. He worked from the book of Colossians and I know I will never look at this book quite the same again. It is too much to put in a blog entry right now and I am still processing it, but I can say that it has changed me, and is moving me to look into places in my heart that I have either not known or have not had the courage to look into. He is doing some hard heart surgery, but I am rejoicing in the fact that it is all for my benefit and HIS Glory.

I have always prayed in the past, "Lord, change me, but please be kind and gentle." He has, and I honestly think that this cry for gentleness was one of fear and has cause me to not see the areas where HE needs to take a chisel at. There are parts of my heart that He needs to break, not soften. Tonight I asked Him to break those parts of my heart that need to be broken. I am tired of going around the areas that need to be delta with.

As Dave was VERY honest and vulnerable with all of us at the areas that his heart was hard, it gave me courage to do the same with some in my group and other countries. It is a difficult road I have chosen, but with God's help and strength, I will continue on this journey.

I am coming home with a grateful heart! I will be there before you know it! :)

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