Saturday, September 16, 2006

This is my town!


Katowice, Poland. It is is not the prettiest town when you look at it from the outside. In fact, many Poles call it the "armpit of Poland", but it's beauty comes from it's people! I love it here! Yes, it's dirty and industrial, and yet there is a feeling here that words fail to express. The people are wonderful! They love life. Many who I have met want more out of life than the day to day grind. I will miss this wonderful city I now call HOME as I return to to states for a time.

I am having to come back to America in just over a week. I am in need of raising more monthly financial support in order to be able to minister more effectively. I am coming "home" with mixed emotions. I am glad that I will be back with my family and friends, and yet I also have new family and friends here in Katowice, whom I will DEEPLY miss!

God has been working hard on my heart and I am excited and a bit scared to see what He has for me in the future! I know this has been His plan all along. As much as I am know I am going to enjoy being in Colorado, I pray to return to Katowice just after the new year.

You never know where you will be in life. If you would have asked me 7 months ago if I was planning on coming back to America for financial reasons this year I would have said "NO!". Well, God wants me back for reasons that are beyond me. I keep coming back to the verse in Isiah where God says, My ways are not your way, nor my thoughts my thoughts. I am learning BIG lessons in trusting and hoping in ONLY Him! Who can I be confident in, if it is not Him? I have been learning how my lack of confidence in Him and in myself has affected my life and ministry in Poland. Wow! Sometimes I wonder how He can ever use me, yet he loves to use jars of clay, cracks and all. It gives Him the Glory, not us.

So, I am coming home and I look forward to telling all of you in the States stories of the youth in Poland and how God is speaking to them!


Pat R said...

Try to relax and enjoy the time you're there. See you in October!

Jen said...

Can't wait to see you!!!

Anonymous said...

He is teaching me the same in USA hehehe

Kristen said...

Oh Alice - I hope I get to see you! Maybe you can plan a visit to come see me! I miss you and I'm excited that you will be here. I'm sad for you as well to have to leave your home, but God will use this time in your life for something big. Love you!

Tim Vincent said...

It will be great to see you here! I'm sure support will come and you'll be back in Poland before you know it :)

I'm positive I have a picture from the exact same spot and angle! I'll have to try and find it. Katowice is a great city! Glad it feels like home.