Friday, April 14, 2006

Thank you God for not giving me a FIAT!!!


Today I had a very interesting experience! I had to get a "transmission blocker" on my Skoda to prevent thieves from taking it. The place had no waiting room and I was over 5 km from anywhere I could sit and study my Polish so I borrowed their company car. A little, itty, bitty, Fiat (the kind that 20 clowns come out of at a circus and you wonder "How'd they do that?") comes "roaring" up to me. I looked at it and laughed inside. You have GOT to be kidding!??!

So here I am in this little thing, My seat almost touching the back seat, puttering down the road. These are the little cars that annoy me so much when I get behind them because they tend to go only 50MPH downhill. :)

My first thought was "I HAVE TO BLOG ABOUT THIS ONE!" I felt like a teenager trying to ride a little trike!

I was SO happy to get back into my Skoda! Thank you Lord for Skodas!


Anonymous said...

The dumb thing wont let me register. Hi Alice. It's your bro. Just got on this site. I'll try to keep up with now that I found it. Love ya,
Your Bro!

Dan Luebcke said...

Skodas rule Arob!!!!!!

Happy resurrection weekend!

Hodges said...

Have you ever noticed that Luebcke is always online either blogging or making comments on other peoples blogs. Ahh, to have the time of a youth pastor. . .
He is Risen!