Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Technology and Polish

I love technology! I just wanted to let you know that. I am sitting here with my coffee, my computer and listening to WAY-FM in Denver. It is quite comforting to hear voices from "home" and to hear music and God's word in such an American way. This morning it touches my heart. God is so good, He even supplies my need during homesickness.

I will write more about the car saga, but it looks like I will be driving it later today IF I can get it registered! It has been a long 3 weeks. It was not the Polish government's fault, but the guy who works at the car lot. It made me feel like I was in an American used car lot! :) Anyway, I will let you know how things go.

My Polish is coming along. I am not as far as I want to be. If you are praying for me, please pray for ONE SPECIFIC THING, my memory! Yes, I know, all of the age jokes are coming to mind, but this is serious. I can not seem to keep words in my head. Please pray that God will grant me grace and knowledge to keep the words that I am trying to memorize. I am being harder on myself, I know, but I feel an incredible pressure (self inflicted) to catch up with my team mates who know Polish. It is hard to not do this. Pray that I relax and give myself grace too!

I found an iPod program to show me flashcards of Polish as I listen to my music. I am trying to figure out how to get all of the special characters to show up on the screen though. If this works. . . I am going to have a great time with memory!

Well, it is cold and grey today. I thought spring was here for good, but today it looks like winter is trying to hang on! It is snowing (again!) just a little south of here. I hope it stays away from here!


Dan Luebcke said...

Great to talk with you today!

Remember that the blogosphere is a great way to keep up with you!!!!

Have a great weekend!

Pat R said...

Hey girlfriend,

I totally understand about the memory thing, but hang in there, it'll come. I still struggle with remembering which verb tense is which and when to use which one and remembering vocabulary that I know we've studied.

Don't give up. If I can do it, you can too. You're much younger than I am. :)

Love you.

Krista Davis said...

looking forward to hearing the car story!!!

Mo said...

Hey sister! Good to hear from you some more, and good to know specifics to pray for, too.

I'll get your email addy from JR and email you for the number *grin*.

Big hugs --