Sunday, April 02, 2006


Hey all! I am back! I have my high speed internet and I am ready to let you know how things are going! I just got back from a weekend with church who wants to try English camp. What a great weekend. These kids are energetic and scared and wanting to share Jesus with their friends!
I have a Denver phone number via Skype! You can call me and it is a local phone call for people in Denver and for others it is U.S. long distance. I am 8 hours ahead of you! I may not answer all the time, but leave a voicemail and I will call you back!
So where is the number?? My good friend Mo suggested to me (in a subtle way) that I may not want the whole world to see my number. So if you want it. . .email me!
I plan on updating more and sharing pictures. Give me a chance to catch up!


Dan Luebcke said...
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Dan Luebcke said...

Great! I can't wait for you to start posting on a regular basis!

Have a great night!

Mo said...

Happy high speed!

(and are you sure you want to leave your number posted out there for the world to see? Just checking)

Hodges said...

So great to hear you are well. I am sorry we have not been in touch. It seems that God is really moving, Further up and Further in Sis!

jen said...

I can't WAIT to talk to you and get all caught up.

And it'll be great to hear from you more often.

Much love-