Sunday, January 29, 2006

We are Family!

Hey all. It is late for me (around 12:40 a.m.) and I just got back from a birthday party for a fellow JVer, Mark Krupa. I just wanted to tell you how well God is taking care of me! He has given me so much here! I have been staying at the Carlson's (Greg, Heidi, Kelsey and Jillian). Greg is off to Estonia witht he Hashes and I have had wonderful days filled with laghter and good conversations! I keep on thinking back on how hard my time was in Czech so many years ago and am so greatful to God that this time has been easier, so far. But even if it had not been, I am thankful that my God is faithful today just as He was those years ago when times were harder.

Josh, my teammate and I went to Mark's birthday party and to be honest was a bit nervous about it. Here I am in a new country and I am going to a birthday party for someone I only know through reading emails. On top of that, I only knew a few from previous meetings, but not really knew them. For some reason, I was nervous! Yes, I know! For those of you who really KNOW me, you are quietly laughing. Alice NOT know a stranger? How can it be?

We went to a Mexican restuarant (yes! in the Czech Republic) and the moment I met the group, I felt a part of them. It was a great connection. We stood waiting for our table and as Czechs came in they looked at us strangely. We then noted that we were forming two lines facing each other. So we did what wierd American do, made a human arch!

The food was good. My last experince with mexican food in Eastern Europe was not very good. I think Laura Hash may remember that one. Ouch!

The time that really blessed me was how each person went around telling Mark what he meant to them and how his life has impacted theirs. When it was my turn. . . well I said only what I could. "Mark, I hope this time next year, I can tell you how your life has impacted mine just as you have every one here." The stories were filled the his faithfulness and craziness in ministry laced with his passion and love for the Czech youth. How refreshing it was.

The evening then broke out into more funny stories of past camps and pranks. Oh, yes, then a discussion on the TV show, "Lost". I have other people here who are crazy about LOST!!!!! In Poland, they are still on season one, so I have been asked "What is in the hatch?" I just smiled and said, "Aga, you will have to watch and find out!"

So I know I am taking a long time to say very little, but I wanted all of you to know that my first weekend in Poland is turning out to be a great weekend! God also knew that this would be my first year away from my Denver youth group's winter retreat (this weekend) in several years. His Grace has once again been flowing and overwhelms my soul!

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