Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I am HERE!

Warning! I have no spell check on this computer I am using nor much sleep and tons of jetlag. Please forgive the errors!

Hey all! Hello from frosty Katowice, Poland! I will get pictures up soon on my website. What a trip it was! I was hoping that the Bronco's debacle would not be a omen for my trip and I must say, where the Broncos lost, I won! Or I should say God won!

The friday before I left I called Lufthansa, the airline I was flying with to confirm the 5 pieces of luggage that I had previously arranged. They told me that they were no longer confirmed nor guarrenteed. So, the whole weekend of my departure was full of repacking, praying and yes, worrying. I enlisted an army of prayer warriors and your prayers worked! I got a ticket agent who was very sympothetic and even saved me money on the extra luggage I had.

Next was getting to Frankfurt. It was a fairly comfortable flight. I was beside a nice swiddish woman and we talked a bit, but she wanted to sleep most of the time. I could not. My time was spent reading, listening to my iPod and journalling.

I got to Frankfurt for a six hour layover and went around trying to find a place to sit. It took me about 20 minutes to realize that there were restuarants in the upper floor. So I went with the intention of having a nice meal but "Americaned" out due to the extreme cigarette smoke and went to McDonalds where there was no smoke. I am going to have to get use to this, but Frankfurt and jetlag was not the time to start! :) I got lunch and then found a selcuded seat under the esculator and watched my missed episodes of "Lost". Thank you Jon!

I got to my plane to Katwice, Poland and to my surpise, the plane was overbooked! In Denver, the ticket agent had told me that I was the only one on board. So here I am in a plane filled with businessmen! What a flight!

I got to Katowice and had to walk to the terminal from the plane. Not a big deal until my lungs tried to breath in -18F air! What a blow! I walked quickly, got into the wrong passport line, moved, was accepted without incetent and then went over to get my bags. There I was kept away from the baggage caracel by the businessmen who were waiting for their luggage and would not let me in. I took TWO luggage carts to the other since I had 6 BIG bags. I got them all and saw that I could not take all of my stuff, so being the agressive American that I am, I asked one of the border guards to find a red head American waiting for another American. I think he understood me becuase in less than 2 minutes, Dan Hash was walking towards me. Costoms was nothing more than them asking me if I had pills in my bags. I said "Yes, for my illnesses." I don't think he wanted to ask about them, so he said, "Move along." or something like that. As I walked out, I was greeted my the Carlson family with camera taking pictures of my and all of my stuff! As soon as I get those, I will put it on my website.

Life here so far has been good, cold, but good. I can not wait to start things here and get over with my jetlag. I woke up at 4 a.m. this morning and could not sleep anylonger, so I think I am going to crash tonight.

Dan and Laura Hash are GREAT! They gave me my own room and use of one of their bathrooms. It is a nice place and Laura has made the whole place feel like home for me! I have tried to recipicate(sp) by making my cool lattes. I think they like them! :) Jacob is great! He told me that he would teach me how to play video games. Cool!

Please be praying. I have many decisions to make in the next few weeks about a car, a place to live (or the area to live) and just what is good to purchase and what I can wait on. I want to have good priorities and right now I am not thinking with my whole brain since it is still on Denver time in some ways.

I will journal more later!

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