Monday, January 30, 2006

You Know You're in Poland When . . .

The tragedy of this weekend's building collapse has been terrible. I have been in a town this weekend about an hour south called Biesko Biala visiting with Heidi Carlson and her girls. It shocked us to hear the news. Jola told us that today on the news the report is not good as to why the build fell and they also reported the the cold has taken over 200 lives, mostly the elderly and homeless. It is suppose to get colder again as we have had a slight reprieve the past few days.

I just wanted you to know how much the cold is affecting life here in Katowice, Poland. Now on to the fun part of my blog. . .


You know you are in Poland when . . .

1. Your driver education father would want to open a new school in Katowice, just to teach the Poles how to really drive! They are a bit crazy. . . I think I can match them. ☺

2. When shoplifters are deterred by mean looking security guards who try to stare you down just because you smiled at them as you pass them and say, “Hello!” Okay, so I am really an American!

3. The surprised look on a Poles face just after you give them a HUGE American smile! It makes me smile even more. ☺

4. A youth group who is willing to sit in a FREEZING youth room even with no heat. They only have blankets and hot tea and for two hours they praise God and rejoice being with one another. Coming together and spending time worshiping Jesus is not one of many options for them, it is LIFE! I sat there and wondered how many American youth groups would do that? I have to ask myself that question. Would I have been willing to stay there if I had an option?

5. The “grape juice” you drink at communion burns all the way down your throat . . .

6. When even “good to -25F” boots feel cold inside!

7. When a Mexican restaurant (in the Czech Republic) is good, yet only uses black beans and they play music that kind of sounds like Italian.

8. When your cell phone gets tons of SMS’s because no one can afford talk much on the their cell phone! I have to learn 2 new languages now! Lol

9. The lack of smiles does not equal the size of their giving hearts. Poles may not smile as much as we do, but they are loving, giving people!

10. A history lesson from a Pole on Poland AND America lets you know just how much you DO NOT know about your own country!

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Kasia Vincent said...

Great comments! It really made me miss Poland when I read your words. Please, say 'hi' to the Hashes and the Carlsons for Tim and me. I miss you already! Are you looking for your own place yet? Love you!

Jen Roseman said...

Hey Alice -
Here's an SMS trick I learned from the Poles ... if you run all of your words together, you can send fewer SMSes and save money! ;) For example, ByCapitalizingTheFirstLetterOfEvery
I never tried it in Polish, though. Good luck!
Love you. Miss you.

Mo said...

Al! I kept thinking I needed to find where I'd put the addy to your blog, and I found you on Tim's today :)

Hope you don't mind -- I'm linking to you on my own blog, so I can find you quickly.

Glad to "see" you, and oh, I'm so sorry about our Broncos. . .