Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Wizards of Winter!

Christmas time means hearing some of my favorite songs! I love the old carols and they remind me how blessed I am to be created by a God who loves me SO much that He pursues me EVERYDAY, wanting to have an intimate relationship with me! He is SO GOOD!

Another thing I love is getting out my TransSiberan Orchestra out and hearing some great Christmas songs on Mountain Dew! They are a GREAT band! You should check them out!

My freind Tim put this on his blog and I know that we have different people reading our different blogs so I know he will not mind me using his great Christmas find of the season! Here is house owner who obviously LOVES this group too and put his Christmas decorations together with the song in mind. . . You will understand what I mean as soon as you see it! It is pretty cool!
And now click on :Wizards of Winter

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