Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Pride and Prejudice

Good movie. I liked the 6 hour BBC version with Colin Firth much better (better acting and looking Mr. Darcy), but it was a good 2 hour version.

I did not like the "American" slant on it. People were more outwardly rude to one another and the speech was more American than British. (Jane Austin's writing is great because of her clever "under the radar" rudeness between the classes.) The more modern rude dialog is not as "skillful" as in the book and it took away from the humor that Jane Austin captures in all of her books.

As I thought about it (after I went) the Lizzy character of this version would have not been as outwardly "sassy" as the movie made her out to be. That whole era was about passive aggressive people. :)

I DID like the way they conveyed the balls and parties and how dirty, country life was even for a family with money during that time period. Life was more earthy and mud would be everywhere! It was not as "clean" as the BBC special.

Overall, it was pretty good. I would even see it again. I read so many reviews that LOVED it. I LIKED it very much, but did not LOVE IT. I would recommend it though.


Pat R said...

Thanks for the review, Alice. I had hoped to see it when I was in Madrid last weekend, but apparently it hasn't arrived here yet. I hope when it comes I will be able to return to Madrid so I can see it in English.

Dan Luebcke said...

I am proud to say, "I didn't see this movie, and I won't see this movie!"