Thursday, December 15, 2005

My Turn about Narnia


I have taken some time to process my opinions about Narnia. My first thought was, “Wow! What a great movie. Had some technical “flubs”, but Wow!” I loved the way that the book was followed. Yes, it was not perfect, but NO movie adaptation completely follows the book.


As I was watching the film, I kept on thinking about how I am so much like Edmund in my selfishness and in my own ways of trying to get ahead. I would have liked to have seen Edmund a bit meaner and whinier (as the book depicts). His obsession for Turkish Delight reminded me of some of the things that I have made into idls in my life.


I really LOVED Lucy and her innocent wonder and the way she trusted Aslan, not because she could scientifically prove who Aslan was, but because she trusted in whom Aslan SAID He was! I have experienced that wonder and they were the most freeing and stressless times in my life.


With Peter, I experienced the same fear and frustration with that fear that

he showed. I also saw the confidence that he gained through the power of

Aslan! I have experienced that same power as I have allow Christ to give me

the strength.


Susan was bitter sweet for me because I have read all of the books. I will not give it away, but I kept looking at her as a warning for my life.


I loved the beavers and almost saw them as Pricilla and Aquilla type characters as they instructed and protected the children. (If you do not know these two people, check out the New Testament!) They were passionate about Aslan and TRUTH as well as concern and love for the children.


The white witch was great. I was a bit disappointed that she did not shrink away from Aslan as much as she did in the book, but I understand why the movie had to make her a bit stronger for theatrical purposes. She was even more evil than I had imagined her as I read the book. Her evil was so subtle and attractive in a very strange way. She was beautiful and yet eerie at the same time. I could see why Edmund fell for her schemes. How often do I fall for the schemes of the evil one because they look so attractive?


Aslan, Wow! I have heard criticisms about the CG look, the lack of emotion, the lack of screen time . . . I loved him! I wish he would have been a bit larger, but they did a great job. Honestly, I don’t think that film could fully capture what C.S. Lewis meant for our minds to capture. He looks a bit different for everyone who reads the book. Aslan is part spiritual when you read the book and I truly think that the movie only captured one person’s view. Aslan to me was wonderful and once again, I was reminded of the price that Christ paid for my sin.


I was awed by what the Cair Paravel scene did to my heart. The children became Kings and Queens, not by their actions, but by Aslan’s. It reminded me of how my identity and place in life is NOT due to my actions but Christ’s. It was inspiring and comforting to know that just as Aslan was in charge of Narnia, so is Christ in charge of earth and my life.


My mind and heart has been mulling this wonderful movie around and as much as I would have LOVED to have seen a more “Christian” movie, I had to remind myself that it was not made to be a Christian movie. I really think that God would NOT want that. If it was, then we Christ’s followers would depend on IT to share Christ instead of us. I feel that we have been given a wonderful opportunity to use this film as a source and conversation starter to ADD TO how we are living as we take the journey of life with those who need the love of Christ. My question is, will Christ followers take the challenge or will we just chuck it up as a great movie that was “Pro’-Christian”?

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Dan Luebcke said...


As always you provided a very thorough take on a great movie. I really appreciated your comment about Susan - you are not only a good read on people, but you are a great read on yourself.

Great words!