Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The Broken Leg Chronicles Two

So, I am laying in my bed in the hallway because there is no room in the ward.  My friend Anna, I think was a bit embarrassed that I had to wait.  I was feeling good, so I did not care. :)  The juice was still working.  Anna is a Anaesthesiologist and explained to me how I was going to go "under" during the operation.  Here in Poland, they do not put you under like we do in the States.  No, they prick you in the spine twice and make you dead from the waist down.  They say it is more healthy because you are breathing on your own and you are awake. . . yes, AWAKE! My mind started spinning when I heard this.  I had NO INTENTION of listening to the doctors drilling and chipping on my leg.  NO WAY!  So, I asked if I could listen to music on my ipod.  Anna said that she would make arrangements to do this but it is not normally done.  At this point I was nervous.

I was getting myself psyched up for my operation later in the evening.  All the time, there was a peace which was keeping me from freaking out.

Then, I had to call my parents.  A call I was NOT looking forward to.  So, I did and my dad answered.  The conversation was brief, I think they were in shock.

Laura was there with me the whole time.  Caring for me, loving me, giving me silent strength.  I am very grateful to her.

A space opened up for me in a room and I was off to a room for 5 with no screens, no beds that you can push a button to lift your head, nothing was supplied . . . nothing.  That was a bit of a shock for me.  I was in pain, and then the doctor informed me that I would not have my operation due to a bad accident that needed the OR.  Whew!  Maybe my leg would miraculously be healed over night. . . .


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