Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Broken Leg Chronicles One

So, there are so many things that happened to me on March 15, 2012.  The one thing was that when I was walking down the Hashes walkway, I stepped on some ice and slipped. I felt my ankle break on the way down and and knew I was in a bad situation.  Laura Hash was there along with her son, Jacob.  I was on the cold ground with my foot facing the wrong way. (no more details)  We thought I could get up and they could take me to the hospital, but when I saw my foot, I said "no".  So an ambulance was called.

The EMT's came and wanted to cut my brand new, wonderful shoes off.  Laura yelled, "No!  Alice, they are going to cut your new shoes off!" She knows how much I love those shoes.  So, we asked if they could take it off without cutting it.

"It will hurt." he said.
Yeah, like I did not hurt already!  :)  "Please, just take it off!"  I said.
So he did, and YES! it hurt!  BUT I saved my shoe!!!  WhaHoo!  ;)  I hope that someday soon, I will have the courage to wear them again. . . they are such great shoes!

I wanted to be taken to Ochojec hospital, but the emt's said that they could not.  My neighbor, Mira is a doctor there and I wanted to be where there would be some one who I could trust.  After waiting a bit and  asking again, we were off to Ohojec!

Jacob Hash (Laura's son) was wonderful.  He held my hand and as I told him that I was going into shock, he got me blankets and rode in the ambulance with me.  All I could think about was the missed meetings with kids and that I was to teach the next night.  Yes, I was also thinking of the pain.

Pain. . . pain. . . pain . . . can a ride be so bumpy?  Did I mention pain?

We got to the hospital and there to welcome me was Mira, a great orthopedic doc, I call Dr. Lukasz, the head of orthopedics, Dr. Piotr who says "Aleesee, Aleesee" when he sees me (more history later on him), my friend ad Mira's daughter, Anna (a new doctor) and my hero, Dr. Dudko who has been wonderful and was the lead surgeon for my leg.

They got me on the table and Dr. Piotr had to straighten my foot.  They get me juiced up, while I tried my best NOT to break Laura's hand.  My foot was then placed into a HEAVY cast and I was sent to the orthopedics ward. . . but there is no room, so I got to hang out in the hall, while they tried to find a spot for me. It seemed like a long time, but honestly I am not sure how long it really was.  Long enough for Anna to tell me about how they do not put you under during operations but just merely give you a spinal shot to deaden you from the waist down. . . yeah . . . I was thinking the same thing, "WHAT???"

to be continued . . . .

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