Thursday, October 28, 2010

Being Part of the Body . . .

In the past three weeks, I have had a number of conversations: the source of evil, the importance of prayer, the difference between religion and relationship with Jesus, the role of church in our lives, the importance of Bible study and interaction with God,  amongst other topics.  All but one of them were with with people under 30.  As I get ready to go on furlough, I am reminded that my role here in Poland is not to stand in front of groups of youth and teach them about life and leadership, but to be the one who meets for a cup of coffee and walk along side young people and help them process things of life.  Even though I am a "behind-the-scenes" type of person, I can honestly say that every once in a while I struggle with the fact that I am not one of the "spot light" people, teaching groups of young leaders, but when I do, God reminds me what part of the 'Body" I am.  This last three weeks have been part of that reminder!  We all have different abilities and contributions that God is using here in Poland, to invest in the lives of youth.  

Questions:  What part of the 'Body of Christ' are you?  How are you using your abilities to invest in others?  How does God remind you that you are exactly the part of  "His Body" that He has created you to be? Do you listen to Him?


Claire Patty said...

Great post! And great questions! I think right now my role is to be a "live-action" person, which means I am in the moments helping people out and just being there for them when they need someone to talk to. I am a day-to-day person, not a big activity person (conferences, weekend trips etc.). :)

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