Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wisła Camp

This was an unique camp.  It lasted 2 weeks.  For the first week the Indiana team served and spent time with the youth group leaders at the Lutheran church in Wisła.  The second week was our English camp.  We had 81 campers.

God moved in this camp.  It was not only in the campers, but in both youth groups.  We had 3 kids decide to follow Christ and 12 come and rededicate their walk and lives to following Christ.

This year at camp we are doing a Laberynth and that has brought the spiritual journey to a tangeble expierience.   It was beautiful to see students experience God that night.  It was interesting since the building we were in was not big enough for all the need stations and we had to move part of it out side.  Right before we started the Laberynth, rain started pouring down!  We decided to continue the activity though, and the rain only enhanced the experience for the campers.

I was able be part of a young woman's journey to Christ.  Her name is Zuzia (Susan).  She came to me and we sat down.  I asked her what she wanted to talk about and she said that she was tired of living her own life and failing God.  We talked about faith and what Jesus did for her and she asked to pray.  We did!  Zuzia is now reading through the book of Mark.  She has been reading every day and we keep touch via Facebook!

God is at work in building a new generation who need to be encouraged and and walked with.  They are more than likely to be the new church leaders of Poland's youth!   God is moving!

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