Saturday, May 01, 2010

Got pulled over today in Czech

So I was driving on the highway in The Czech Republic. I purchased a "highway tax" sticker and put it on with The others I used over the past years. I passed a van that looked offical but did not think about it. I was not speeding and I had my sticker! The VAN pulled in frount of me and there was a glowing sign in The back window stating "Follow Me". In 4 languages. So, I followed. My friend who I was with knows some Czech but we chose to do this stop in only English. ;).

"Did I do something wrong, sir?". I asked
He did not speak English very well, but we figured out that I should not have had all of the past stickers on.
"Oh! I did not know! I will take them off right now." I told him.

"okay, but 25 euro" he said.
"But I have the sticker."
"only one. "

Okay. So I tried 3 or 4 times to not get a "too many stickers on your windshield fine", but he would not let me go until I paid The fine. He even had a card scanner for those of us who do no carry Euros with us. :)

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Krista said...

dude at least he didn't follow you back to your hotel and make you bum money off of all your friends to pay the fine, all the while holding your drivers license hostage... you have to visit Slovakia for such treatment ;)

Just Us - The Carlsons said...

Oh my! Always learning. Now we can pay traffic fines with credit cards in Czech.

jason said...

Trial by fire! or, rather, Trial by Fine... ;)

Norma Richards said...

That was really sad! And it’s surprising that they had a peculiar policy with the stickers. But at least you're now aware of that rule. The most important thing is that you stayed calm and courteous with the officer. Thanks for sharing!

Norma Richards @ Just Bail Bond