Saturday, May 08, 2010

The Father's Pleasure

This week I have been at our Josiah Venture Spring conference.  The theme has been about parenting.  How in the world could this be relevant to an old single gal like me?

That was one of my questions, so I went into the conference with an open mind and a heart to see how I can apply the principles to my spiritual "kids".  It was wonderful how our leader Dave Patty made it so relevant to everyone, even us singles!  We are spiritual parents to so many young people!

One part struck me.  It was the Fatherhood of God and His Pleasure in me.  How do I convey that to those whom  am investing in?

Today was our FAMILY DAY!  We had an old fashion family afternoon with games, softball, grilling, popcorn, cotton candy and pop!  What a great, relaxing time it was for all of us to just sit back and be American with one another and to enjoy our lives together.

The photo above struck me as I have been thinking of the Father's pleasure.  My teammate, Daniel, LOVES his kids deeply and I was able to capture his true pleasure of them just being his kids.  They did not have to perform or say anything to gain it, he gave it freely.  It will be a picture that I will not soon forget to remind me of my Father's pleasure in me!

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