Friday, July 10, 2009

Shoulder Update

Well, I am now one handed when it comes to anything including typing. I cannot take a photo of myself right now, but I found a picture of the sling that is now part of my body for the next 4-6 weeks.

Note: I don't know of ANYONE who would be smiling that much if they had to wear this thing. I cannot talk it off except to wash up and change my shirt. My arm must be held up at all times with the kind if fracture I have.

My neighbors have been a godsend to me. Mira is a doctor at the University hospital here and got me into the best doctors they have. Anna comes and helps me through the Polish socialized medicine red tape, helps me wash and washes my hair for me. Romic is here helping with anything I need in my home. Eva will be coming home this week from her camp, but has promised me to take care of my back yard for me. I have been praying for a way to get closer to my neighbors and God is using this experience to use my weakness to bring us closer together.

Good news: NO OPERATION!!! Bad news: 3-4 month recovery after the brace comes off.


Denver grandma said...

Oh my it looks like you are ready to go on a trip Alice. What a contraption. How do you do anything with that suitcase under your arm.
We are praying honey.

Mom and Dad

Bill said...


I'm thankful that you wont need to go under the "knife". We are praying for you and David misses you a bunch. He says, "Bla, bla, bla, ahhhhhh" and then smiles. Love ya and miss you.

Your, Bro

Jen said...

Goodness! The things that happen to you! It's pretty neat to see how your neighbors are responding to this situations -- it's a great reminder that it is the Lord's plans that prevail and it is His Spirit that ultimately draws people to himself.

I miss you!