Monday, July 13, 2009

A Bad Picture, But You Get The Idea

So this is what my neighbor and I call "the blue blob". He is my buddy for the next 3-5 weeks. I have to wear it while sleeping too which has made me move to my couch for extra support. It has been hard to do everything with only one hand.

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nancipyle said...

Been there done that! I FEEL YOUR PAIN! April 15 2001, I fell skiing and broke my shoulder/arm. Same place! except I also dislocated the bone from the joint. So I had to have surgery and they put in 3 pins to hold the bone in the joint and also to hold the spiral break together. I had a big "wedge" strapped on me for several weeks. And I slept in the recliner because I could not sit up from a lying down position. At first I couldn't even pull down my pants to go the bathroom. Thank God, Jen had just gotten home from Costa Rica and didn't have a job yet and was my "nurse" (at least for a little while) I remember one day wanting some soup and not being able to open the can (this was before the pull tab) I cried! So the next "fun" part will be PT - pain and torture! If you have ANY access to a warm pool/hot tub, I highly recommend (when they tell you) doing the motion of the breast stroke. at first you think you will never move your shoulder again- but the warm water made my recovery much faster (and easier)
Prayer and sympathy are with you!