Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pleasant Morning Dreams and Missing A Good Friend

I am telling your this dream because I rarely dream or remember that I dream and I miss is my friend!

This morning I woke up in the mist of dream world. I know it was special because my dream was in color. I was walking around an old Czech city with my very good friend, Jen Roseman. Jen is serving in Mongolia now. We were walking around taking pictures and enjoying the sights of what every city it was. I reconized many buildings which in real life are in several different places. Hey, it's a dream! We come across this very shiny new building and see that it is a train station. As we go down to the below ground floor we are greeted by a . . . okay, don't laugh too hard. . . a crochet store! Not just any crochet store but one with the best of all hooks, pattern books and an unending supply of the most colorful, beautiful yarn I have ever seen!

I then woke up. :) I think I need to make another hat soon!

These guys are still using their hats during snowboarding!!!


Jen said...

I miss you, too! Since you were dreaming about visiting the crochet store with me, I think the next had should be for me, too. ;) Can I request brown and orange and red? (I'm still shameless, that's obvious.)

I hope that one of these days we will be able to wander around an old Czech city ... even if it isn't the make-believe one from your dream. :)

Antof9 said...

of COURSE a dream about Jen would be in living color :)