Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jr. High Ministry

Lately, I have been helping out with our church's Jr. High group. It is for 13-15 year olds. This age group is one of the most forgotten groups in Poland. They are no longer kids and yet are not seen as full teenagers yet because they are not in high school yet. There are 5 guys and 1 girl who come from two different churches, our and one about 30 minutes away. This group of young people are full of energy, zest for life, problems, questions and desire to learn more about God and themselves.

My desire for this group of young people is to fall in love with Jesus and to be free from the boardom of empty religious activity. I also want to see this generation to have as much passion for their peers as they have playing video games!

Sunday night was our UNO night. Before we could sit down and play though, we had to break out in a wrestling match. Boys! :) Our one girl did not make it, so they boys felt that they could let loose! :)

I love working with these guys and watching they learn about themselves and God!

Jacob Hash has been a great teacher and translator for me!

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