Thursday, October 02, 2008

Fall Baptism, My Favorite Opoka Activity

Twice a year we (Opoka "The Rock" Church) have baptisms in the Hashes swimming pool. It has become a blessed event since other churches use this occasion to baptize their people too and since all of the churches are so small, it gives us a great excuse to not only celebrate but to also get together and be family at one time, in one place!

This time a wonderful young woman, Zusza (Susan) was baptized. She is becoming a leader in our youth group! I look forward to more time with her!

Monika braved the cold water and being 8 months pregnant! She wanted this, so we invent a way to be "dunked" but not fully immersed!

After the baptism, we had lunch and then after that, the four served us communion. It was a blessed time and I cannot wait until May when we have our next one!


Denver grandma said...

What a blessing to see what is happening in Poland. The congration has grown since I was there Alice. Can hardly wait to come and visit next year, the Lord willing.


Tyler and Melinda said...

Wow, Alice!! That brought tears to my eyes, so many familiar faces and so many memories. Monika, what an awesome step she made and she's going to have a little one soon. Please tell her we're praying for her. Miss you!