Monday, June 09, 2008

Great Weekend! Great Gatherings!

My weekend started on Thursday! I took our intern team to Zielona Gora to do camp promotion in three schools. It was a great time! I was asked to teach a kindergarten and 1st grade class! What do I know about that age? God was with me though and we had a GREAT time doing the Hoekie Poekie, learning about Colorado and my family, learning our numbers and colors through Uno cards and then ending by singing, "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands!" After a full day of classes, we spend several hours connected with students at the church's English club. It was a great time, and long day!

The next morning I got up and drove 5 hours back to Katowice so I could be a part of our year end Pool party of Moosk. Due to technical problems with the pool, we ended up going to a park and, I think had a even better time of connecting.

During this time, I found myself surrounded by a group of young people who wanted to improve their English. I asked them to share with me their views of Polish culture and religion. It was fascinating and very informative! This group wants to continue the discussions and so, we are planning on getting together to talk and exchange beliefs and views of life! I am very excited about this door that God has opened.

Moosk is a city-wide group of young people who love to get together! Please pray for those who are hearing about Jesus for the first time and that they will see the difference between following Jesus and following religion.


Jen said...

That is so cool, Alice! I loved seeing that picture of you talking to all the students ... reminds me of English camp. :)

antof9 said...

Your summer has really kicked off! That sounds pretty exciting, and yay for getting along with the little kids too!