Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The man with the whip still has it, even after 20 years

Well, I got in on this one too! We had a special premiere! It was fun. It is so nice here where you are assigned seats so you don't have to fight for seats.

So how was it? It was good. I felt like Indy was back. My question though is, "Is Lucas or Spielberg involved in Scientology?" I will let you go see it to figure that question out. ;) I kept on waiting for the insect scene! You get two!

It was nice to have Indy in Peru instead of the sand. Harrison still has that great look and smile, even at 65!

Should you go see it? I say yes! It is fun and you will need to tell me if there is anything fun after the credits since they don't do that kind of stuff here. :)


Angela said...

Andy and I will be going on a DATE! to see this tomorrow. I hope it's good.

Angela said...

Fun movie, but no fun stuff at the end of the credits here in the US either.