Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What a WEEK!

All I can say is that I am tired! I have had a huge week and God has blessed me throughout the who time.

Monday - Polish test #1
Tuesay - Polish Class
Wednesday - Polish Class, English Bible study
Thursday - Polish Class, High School Bible study, Teammates coming for me to take to airport in the morning
Friday - 3 am airport run, go to the Czech Republic (2 hours away)for an AWESOME "high school" concert
Saturday - Stay with Carlsons and have a GREAT time, take Polish test #2, last minutes box wrapping
Sunday - Church, Operation Christmas Child, English conversation tutoring
Monday - Work on English camp book and take my laptop in AGAIN, there is a communication problem. . .
Today - I am taking a few hours off and just read.

With all of this, God gave me some incredible conversations with people and time to relax and laugh with friends. I got to play my guitar with my upstairs neighbor and even told her about my life of following Christ to Poland which lead into my telling her Bible stories.

My week this week is almost as busy. After that, I get a bit of a reprieve. God is good.


Anonymous said...

Alice, your start page with you under the rail is awesom. I really like it. Love ya sis.

Anonymous said...

DO you like my spelling?

Diana said...

Love the new picture at the beginning of your blog. Is that in Katowice?