Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Extreme Day. . . .

Today was a day of extremes! I began the day tired from the last 3. My teenage neighbor and I have been baking cookies for 3 days for our neighbors. It was fun, but I woke this morning tired and with a gunky throat and cough. Yuck!

I got up and drove to say good bye to one of our team's families. They are moving back to America and I feel like I had to say good-bye to family. How can you be so sad as such a wonderful time of year. I am excited to see what God has for them, yet sad that it is our loss.

I had to go to the Apple "store" to get my iPod fixed (too much playing games, I wore out the click wheel!). As I was walking in the mall, the song, "Falis Navedad" was playing. . . in a POLISH MALL! THEN I heard "Walking in a Winter Wonderland", except that the words were "Walking in Women's Underwear". As I was listening to the lyrics, I was sadden. It was all about how these men loved to wear women's clothing. I am sure that the Poles have NO IDEA what was being sung and only recognized the tune. It was a bit disturbing.

I then went to our Bible book store to get a Polish Bible and talk to the owner. We talked about the fact that I am honored to have been asked to the second day of Christmas by my neighbors. Wow, I did not realized how important it was. . .

I got to my Polish class and went over test the test I took the other week. The other test I took last week, did not go well. This one looked good. The only problem was that the "case" that I did not think I knew, was the only case that I got correct the whole time!

I am very happy that I am here during this season, yet I miss all of my family and friends and wish that Mr. Scott would get his act put together and get that transporter up and running!

Beam me up Scotty!

PS If you were born after 1980, you may not get the last few lines, ask your folks. . . :)

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