Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Polish Teacher

I would like to introduce you to one of my Polish teachers. Her name is Marylka. She is a teacher at the University and now, since I decided to go with private lessons is my grammar teacher.

I really enjoy our time together! She is fun and teaches me much. I owe much of my language to the way she teaches and how she is patient with me. When other teachers have just given up on me and tell me the answer that I have forgotten or can not pronounce, she keeps at me until I get it right or remember the word. I am now learning my 5th of 7 cases. Once again, my world of Polish is all jumbled up! This happens every time I add a case. Good thing there is only one more!!! May after that, I can speak a little better than what I am speaking now!

Thank you, Marylka!


arjones said...

Alice! Of course you may add us! I should have asked you too! Sorry about that! I am so glad that you are doing well and loving Poland!! Keep in touch!


Heidi said...

Alice I had that same Psalm in my head this morning. Cheer up - you should see the entire Carlson household trying to get out of bed each morning. It's tough for us too (and I'm the bad guy reminding everyone each 3 minutes to get moving). Be glad you don't have my voice fussing at you each morning.

In light of your Starbucks tour I'm off to make me a coffee.