Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Future of Poland - Yes, the Building is REAL!

Every time I go to Krakow, I pass this fulwypas (full-vee-pawss meaning: really cool), building! I found out what it is, but do not want to tell you right now. It is a building that celebrates the future and captures the minds of Polish youth!

As I pass it, it gets me thinking about where this next generation will go. Will they go beyond others, or will they be left in the dust of other EU countries? Quite honestly, I don't much care what happens economically as long as learn to follow Jesus!

My desire of this and the next generations, is that Jesus becomes much more than an icon of a national religion. I want them to experience the Grace, Mercy and Love that only Jesus can provide. I have been blessed in that most of my Polish contacts do not know Jesus this way. I am wanting one thing even more than learning Polish, that those around me learn the language of love from Jesus!

I was reading the other day in Romans 10 (one of my favorite chapters) where it talks about how can the lost call upon the name of Jesus if they do not know it and how can they know it if they do not hear it and how can they hear it if there is no one to tell them. My time now and for the next year is to study Polish so that I will able to be one who can share the good news of Jesus' love to Poles in their heart language! It is what keeps me going when I have a tough day in language learning.

Well, I found out what it is. It is the home of one of the most popular radio stations in Poland, RFM FM.

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