Monday, August 27, 2007

My Polish Classmates

It was a good group to learn with. We were all at different levels and that was good. The group was from many different countries: Japan, England, Latvia, Russian, Egypt and France. I felt like a mom sometimes since most of them were young enough and had so much energy! I learned so many things during this time and not all of it was Polish. I was reminded how important it is for youth to have someone/something to live and die for. If you don't have it, than life is aimless and empty. You could see that in some of the students at this school. It was in their eyes and I wanted to sit down with them and find out their stories.

I hope to blog a few more things about what God has taught me over this past month later, but for now all I can say is "Thank you, Lord for giving me strength and courage to finish and finish well!"

PS I scored higher than I thought I would on my test. :)

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Anonymous said...

Bravo Alice! You did finish and finished well. Let's celebrate at that Mexican restaurant!